US indirect war on India


The United States still thinks the world works in the way how it wants to. Despite not being as powerful as it used to be, the declining superpower thinks the world works as per its whims and fancies. The US has a habit of poking its nose in other businesses. It often gives suggestions and even interferes in other countries’ internal matters in the name of democracy.

While the US has not been able to establish peace worldwide as it claims, it wreaked havoc in many countries. Take Iraq, for instance. After Saddam Hussain was dethroned, the country was rocked with civil unrest, which led to the emergence of ISIS.

After 9/11, the US government sent its troops into Afghanistan in the name of establishing democracy. After fighting the Taliban for 20 years, the US handed over the country to the same Islamic jihadi organisation and ran from the country…..a fact they would not like to admit. Not only this, the so-called superpower left billions of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition in the country, which has strengthened the Taliban.

These are a few to highlight US’s hypocritic activities outside the country. Now, what about inside? It’s actually horrible. The gun culture has become a problem for the country, but it doesn’t want to rectify it. The US constitution’s second amendment gives the right to American individuals to possess several arms for self-protection. This very same amendment is eating the country inside.

Several reports are emerging about how mass shootings are taking place in the country. Oklahoma hospital shooting, Texas school shooting, new York subway shooting……the list goes on. Is the US trying to solve this problem? Well, not exactly.

Do we have to care about it? In a way, yes. Because the country where mass shootings are a daily routine is trying to project India as a hub for crime and terrorism.

The US recently issued an advisory to its citizens, who wants to visit India to exercise increased caution. Know why? Because there is increased crime and terrorism. Not only that, it even warned its citizens not to travel to Jammu and Kashmir due to terrorism and civil unrest.

The US doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that terrorism and civil unrest in Jammu and Kashmir is declining and, the UT is seeing its highest number of visitors.

Isn’t the US spreading false propaganda? Absolutely. There is no denying that Kashmir still has terrorism, but it is not as big as the US is projecting.

If that is the case, then why should India not warn its citizens who want to visit the US? Attacks on Hindus are on the rise in the US, and there is also mass shooting, which the superpower is not able to solve.

What if India highlights this and issues a travel warning to its citizens? We all know how things will turn out. The US may be declining, but it is still the only superpower. It is trying to hold its influence. At the same time, it doesn’t want to have any competition for its superpower position.

That’s why the US is projecting India as a hub for terrorism and crime. Well, it can do as much as it wants to. It will not stop India’s growth. The numbers itself is the proof of that. When India reclaims its lost position in the world, it surely will give a befitting reply to the US actions.

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