Those who learn to fail from history, are doomed to repeat it


A country cannot remain a prisoner of the past, observed a two-judge bench comprising Justices KM Joseph and BV Nagarathna of the Supreme Court while dismissing a PIL seeking to rename historical cities which have been named after “foreign invaders”.

The two-judge bench of the Supreme Court did not allow advocate Ashwini Upadhyay to withdraw his petition and went on to make uncalled and unwarranted remarks. Who gave these judges the authority to make sweeping allegations against the Hindu Community which had suffered for decades at the hands of the Muslim barbarians?

The judges were dead against the renaming of historical places named after past rulers who had plundered and destroyed the heritage of our country. The two judges were more than willing to give the barbarians their place in history, asking Ashwini Upadhyay why he was trying to stoke up the embers of the past.

Perhaps these judges don’t know that the Jews have not forgotten what Hitler did to their hapless citizens. Each and every surviving member of Hitler’s commanders and guards who gassed men, women and children, were hunted down and brought to justice at the Nuremberg Trials. To ensure that the coming generations will not forget what happened to their ancestors – a Holocaust museum was set up in Israel.

Why should we name our roads and cities after these bloodthirsty barbarians? Going by this logic, why were many of our roads which were named after British monarchs, rulers and generals, erased and replaced with names of Indian politicians, post-independence?

The judges added that the history of any nation cannot haunt the present and future generations to the point that succeeding generations become prisoners of the past. Wow. What absurd logic.

Then about Secularism. No, Milords. The founding fathers of our constitution including B R Ambedkar had strongly opposed the word ‘Secular’ in the Preamble of our constitution, hence it was not adopted. That word was illegally inserted along with the word ‘Socialist’ by a despot called Indira Gandhi, by circumventing the Parliament.

The judges also confirmed that India has been a Hindu Rashtra and will continue to remain one. I am thankful for the two-judge bench especially to Justice Nagranthana that she agreed that Hinduism is a way of life.

“If fingers are pointed at a particular community….do you want to keep the country on a boil? What are you trying to achieve?” the bench asked Upadhyay.
A lot milords. We don’t want our children to be taught that Akbar, was Great and Rana Pratap was not.

The judges also said that a Country Can’t Remain a Prisoner Of the Past.

Religious worship has got nothing to do with the roads said Justice Joseph adding that Emperor Akbar actually aimed to create harmony between the different communities. Looks like Justice Joseph has read history books written by Irfan Habib and Romila Thapar. Akbar was a wolf in Sheep’s clothing. This Mughal tyrant was responsible for the biggest jauhar in which hundreds of women and girls jumped into the fire than to submit to his lust.

And Milords want us to believe that Akbar was Great. Absolute piece of crap.
“Hinduism is a way of life, and because of that India has assimilated everybody. Because of that, we are able to live together. Divide and rule policy of British brought about schism in our society. Let us not being that back”- J Nagarathna told Upadhyay.

If that be the case, Milords, why do we have one set of rules for those who blare out a reminder that there is only God and that is theirs? But, Hindus cannot play Hanuman Chalisa from their loudspeakers.

“There is no bigotry in Hinduism…” Justice Joseph tells Ashwini Upadhyay. Wonderful, Justice Joseph. I thought that is not what your Cardinals and Bishops are saying in India. They have been berating Modi at every possible opportunity and last week the Churches in poll-bound Meghalaya even read out an edict asking the faithful to vote against the BJP. Were Milords sleeping then?

Upadhyay reminded the judges that Hindus have become a minority in many historical places. He rightly argued why history should start only after Ghazni-Ghori. What is Aurangzeb’s relationship with India?

I want to ask the judges why our roads and cities are not named after kings and queens of Bharat who fought these Islamic barbarians and kept our country a Hindu nation.
Our history books don’t mention Rani Abbakka or Ahom Kings. New Delhi is filled with graves of these barbarians who do not belong to Bharat. Why should we allow their names to existing?

Sorry, Milords, we are not ready to accept your hackneyed reasoning. A Class 6 kid has a better comprehension of why our history has been whitewashed and presented as a one-sided view.

We are a nation which is proud of Chatrapathi Shivaji, Cholas, Kakatiyas, Ahoms, Mewars, and Marthanda Varma – just to name a few. Our judges need a refresher lesson in history.

I want to remind the Milords that Bharat has been a country that has Hinduism as its core philosophy, for generations. The plunderers of the past have looted and destroyed our country, again and again. From the Ram Temple at Ayodhya to Somnath and Hampi, we are reminded about how our heritage has been systemically cleansed. Takshashila and Nalanda were burnt down and one of the cities is named after the barbarian Bakhtiyarpur, the destroyer of Nalanda University.

Down south, a cannibal called Tipu Sultan plundered many parts of today’s Karnataka and Kerala. He and his army did not spare anyone – from 800 Mandya Brahmins who were killed on Diwali day, to Christians in Mangalore who were forced to march all the way to Srirangapatna. This Tipu destroyed hundreds of temples in Kerala and killed hundreds of men, women and children – who refused to convert.

It took Sardar Patel to rebuild the Somnath Temple, which has been plundered over 16 times. If judges like Joseph and Nagarathna had been in Supreme Court during those days, they would have ruled against Sardar Patel’s reasoning “Why do you want to remind people about their past? Let them enjoy a Humayun’s Tomb and Aurangzeb’s Mausoleum.” We should be thankful that Judges of those days were people of impeccable calibre, ones who did not play to the gallery of vote bank politics.

The judges of the Supreme Court seem to be living in a cocoon that keeps them isolated from the reality of today’s world. The doors of the Supreme Court are open at any time of the day for five-star lawyers who have their connections from the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court going down to most judges. A common man has to wait for years to get a hearing – but if you are a Pawan Khera, then you will get a hearing even before the police could produce him before the magistrate. That is the speed of law for a chosen few.

Whoever said that everyone is equal before the law, must have been joking. The law in this country is only for the rich and powerful. The judges who have been selected by a cosy club of you scratch my back, I will scratch your Collegium – think that they are some special people who are not accountable to anyone, except for themselves.

If the law is not fair and equitable to everyone, then the day is not far off when Khap Panchayats will spring up in every village and town in our country. They seem to be a far better option if you ask me.

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