The Wire Gets Tripped with its Fake Story

    The hit job by Siddharth Vardarajan led ‘The Wire’ is another example of how anti India forces have ganged up to defame the Modi Government. One may think this is all happening in isolation. No. There is a well networked, full funded groups of various forms and sizes under different nomenclature that is working behind the scenes.

    As we saw in the evidence presented in the court against the accused in the Delhi Riots groups, everything was organized down to the last detail. These are no lone rangers as we are made to believe. While terror groups operate in relative secrecy, their associated in media houses are more open about their affiliation. From Wire to Scroll to Quint to Caravan and NDTV, the Lutyens mafia always have their tool kit ready on any issue.

    Now, let us look at what Siddharth Vardarajan had to stay as climbed down from his high horse, without even an apology.

    Earlier this week, The Wire announced its decision to conduct an internal review of its recent coverage of Meta, especially the sources and materials involved in its reporting.

    It interesting that The Wire is now blaming its ‘reporting team’ for the fake story, when the fact is that its founding editor Siddharth Varadarajan was the co-author in some of the stories. This makes the Siddharth, the part of the ‘reporting team’ and he clearly cannot absolve himself of the blame.

    Siddharth claims that the investigation at Wire, which is ongoing, does not as yet allow the Online Rag to take a conclusive view about the authenticity and bona fides of the sources with whom a member of the reporting team says he has been in touch over an extended period of time. However, certain discrepancies have emerged in the material used. Let me translate that for you: Basically, what this creep called Siddarth wants to say is that Wire used fake stuff all along.

    Siddarth claims that “Wire is still reviewing the entire matter, including the possibility that it was deliberately sought to misinform or deceive The Wire. This is like that someone who claimed that she had an offer to join as the Professor at Harvard.

    Many times during the course of the back and forth slanging match when it came to the allegations against Amit Malviya, twitterati reminded Siddarth that his staff was using fake sources and attributing claims to dubious electronic documents, which is a crime under the Information Technology Act in India. Siddharth at that point claimed that everything was ‘clean’ and above board.

    There is also a talk of looking at lapses in editorial oversight at Wire which Siddharth claims are also being reviewed. as are editorial roles, so that failsafe protocols are put in place ensuring the accuracy of all source-based reporting. 99% of the stories in online rags like Wire are fake, with only one objective – try to malign PM Modi and BJP.

    In simple English that means the team at Wire faked the entire thing. As is expected of Siddharth, he has now put the monkey on the shoulders of his lower rung staff and wants to give an impression of a holier than thou attitude.

    As usual, Siddarth goes into his emotional sales pitch which claims that The Wire was founded on a bond of trust with its readers and viewers. We intend to be true to our bond. Wonder what that bond is? The bond of cheating and fraud?

    On October 23, 2022, the Wire updated its retraction story with the news that is using the assistance of independent external experts to conduct its investigation into its Meta coverage. You and me can predict who those ‘independent’ external experts will be and what will be the outcome of the so called ‘investigation’.

    Pamela Philipose, the ombudsperson at the Wire, reported serious lapse at Wire’s reporting on Saturday. Here is what she said:

    “The Wire’s story failed certain foundational tests, most patently in its citing of sources. Many of these sources either did not stand by what The Wire put out, or were misunderstood, or were wrongly quoted, or possibly had second thoughts. As they went public on distancing themselves from the investigation, it began to tilt alarmingly like a chair deprived of a couple of its legs.

    Finally, there were serious mis-steps in the firefighting that The Wire did when contrary evidence piled up.” End quote.

    Wonder what Pamela was doing when this entire drama was being played out by Wire?

    This is not the first time Siddharth has indulged in fraud and he had kicked out of The Hindu newspaper by its owner.

    The fabricated stories run by Wire, Quint, Scroll, Print, Caravan and other leftist – jihadi online portals shows the need to strictly implement the proposed changes to the Information Technology Act. More importantly, is the need to sue these online rags and ensure that their fund-raising mechanism is stopped by making donors equally liable for the fraud that is being committed.   

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