Ponniyan Selvan controversy once again exposes Kamal Haasan’s psuedo atheism


There is a talk in media circles that Tamilnadu is seeing a drastic change. The land which was only ruled by periyarists is facing a serious challenge in the form of Annamalai. The BJP Singham is not only aggressive but is also emerging as a viable option for Tamilians, who are fed up with Dravidian politics. This new emergence is seen as a serious threat by the periyarists to Dravidian politics. This is why they are not only targeting BJP, Annamalai, and RSS……but have declared an open verbal war against Hindus.

First DMK leader Raja humiliated Hindus recently by using derogatory language against Dalits. This led to widespread criticism and several Hindu organizations called for a bandh in the state. What surprised many was that the bandh became successful and several places that come under Raja’s constituency participated in the bandh. This shows how the wind is changing in the state.

But this is not stopping the periyarists from attacking the Hindus and creating unrest in the state. The recent controversy is around the historical movie ponniyan selvan. The movie which is based on the Chola empire released a few weeks ago and has become a hot topic of conversation.

Speaking about the Chola empire, director Vetrimaran sparked controversy by saying Rajaraja Chola was not a Hindu. It didn’t end there. Adding fuel to it, actor and politician Kamal Hassan, jumped into the controversy and said there was no Hindu religion during Raja Raja Chola’s reign. He added, there were only Shaivites and vaishavetes and it was the Britishers who coined Hindu as they didn’t know how to express them collectively.

Knowing the history of Kamal Hassan, this isn’t surprising. The actor acted and directed a movie called Hey Ram, in which he projected Hindus in a bad light. He later made several derogatory comments against Mahabharat, and Draupadi and continued his agenda in his directorial venture, Vishwaroopam. He even made derogatory comments on Saint Tyagaraja. The list goes on if we speak about Kamal Hassan’s attack against Hindu culture.

But there is one point that has to be told here. Kamal Hassan abuses Hindu Gods and criticizes Hindu culture very often. He claims to be an atheist and says he does not follow any religion. Well, that’s an absolute lie. Look at this video.

See….the self-proclaimed atheist saying he spreads the word of Christ. Does Atheist mean abuse Sanatan Dharma and spread the word of Christ? No, right?

If Kamal Hassan wants to follow Christianity or Islam, he can. He has the freedom to do it.  After all, India is a secular, democratic country. But why is certain lobby targeting Sanatan dharma by calling themselves, atheists? Why are they silent on other religions? Are they scared to speak about them? Maybe! It has become a tradition to target Santan Dharma and stay silent on other religions.

This is the tip of the iceberg to explain how Sanatan dharma is being targeted. While several civilizations got wiped away….Sanatan Dharma still exists and is fighting for its existence against many forces within the country and abroad.

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