KCR weakening Farmhouse case?


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressed yet another Press Conference in Pragati Bhavan, the fortress like official residence of the Telangana Chief Minister. Like the Press Conferences of the past, this too was a long drawling one with little substance.

It was mostly political posturing and one liners and of course media never dared ask any uncomfortable questions. KCR of course brought in the Moinabad farmhouse evidences including Call Data Records, which any lawyer will tell you is illegal as all such evidences are supposed to be with the investigating officers and is only supposed to be presented in court.

This of course will make the entire farmhouse case weak in court and the so called accused will walk away, free. That was to be expected in a case which seems more like a badly written movie script. Such sting operations have evidentiary value and the case will collapse even before it reached the munsiff court. I wonder who advises the Chief Minister before he starts addressing a Press Conference. There was a promise of hundreds of crores being laid out to buy TRS, sorry ex Congress MLAs claims KCR, but where the money? No one knows?  

But the biggest blunder of them all was Tushar Vellapally is a BIG mistake. Since I come from Kerala, let me tell you a bit about the background of Tushar and his father Velapally Natesan, who heads Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam or SNDP as it’s better known as, a powerful social service organization, of the backward class Ezhava community group in Kerala. The SNDP Yogam was founded by Dr.Padmanabhan Palpu and other Ezhava leaders with the blessings of revered Sree Narayana Guru.

Congress, BJP and Communists keep a very close relationship with Vellapally Natesan and no one tries to antagonise him. Many politicians across the spectrum, call on Natesan and seek his blessings before elections. The mainstay of Vellapally’s business is liquor, but here again, that is rarely spoke about. Education is another business that SNDP is in and Vellapally in particular has many educational institutions in his individual capacity including engineering colleges.

Though he used to stay neutral in the past, in the recent times Natesan has taken SNDP to the side of Pinarayi Vijayan’s govt. But SNDP never went political but the organization used to make sure that the Ezhava community was told to vote for a particular political dispensation.

In 2015 his son Tushar formed Bharath Dharma Jana Sena or BDJS as its better known as, a party of SNDP. Though Vellapally Natesan was initially seen in BDJs meeting including its launch, he later kept away when Tushar tied up with BJP led in NDA Kerala.

As you all must be aware, Tushar contested as an NDA Candidate against Rahul in Wayanad in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Apart from that in the recent days, Tushar has kept a low profile and some political observers in Kerala believe Tushar was moving away from BJP.

This is why many political observers in Kerala were surprised when KCR accused Tushar of being involved in buying MLAs in Delhi, Rajasthan and Telangana. KCR perhaps does not know none of the political parties including CPM or Congress will come to his aid in this issue.

The only link that I can think of why KCR brought in Tushar is that he and his father Vellapally Natesan are one of the biggest liquor manufacturers and distributors in Southern states, especially Kerala. But why we would KCR do that?

Looks like KCR was given a name and a reason. He did not apply his mind when addressing the media. As a politician and more importantly as a Chief Minister, KCR should measure each and every word speaks. But, KCR often speaks without a thought – and this time, he has messed it up.

Because, political observesrs are linking Tushar ro Arun Ramachandran another Malayali, who is presently in jail and is linked to Delhi deputy Chief Minister and Excise Minister Manish Sisodia. Now, due to KCR’s slip of tongue, political observers in Hyderabad are linking Kavita Kalvakuntla to it. Did KCR darg in Tushar to save Kavita? Who knows? Anything can happen in politics.

Call it a game of Connecting the Dots.

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