How India can give America and Germany a taste of its own medicine

    The West, in the name of democracy and free speech, has been giving shelter to various Indian separatist leaders. One of the most wanted Khaistan terrorists, Pannu, is currently residing in America. Several countries like Canada, Germany, US and UK are not only giving shelter to this kind of separatist leaders, but are also preaching India about Kashmir. Recent comments by the German Foreign minister on Kashmir have once again proved how the West is fuelling separatist movements in India.

    Despite raising this issue numerous times, Western governments didn’t take any action against these separatists. Why would they? These separatists are humiliating Indian governments on the global stage. They are challenging the sovereignty of India. The West fuels this kind of movement as they don’t want India to become too powerful. It already made a mistake by raising China. It doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake. So they would do everything they can to create obstacles in India’s growth.

    While India is overcoming these odds and is heading towards a 5 trillion dollar economy, it also has to think about teaching these Western countries, which are fuelling secession movements in India. But how? Well, There is a way. Do you know there are parts of the US and Germany that want to become independent? Many don’t know this as the western media doesn’t want to put the spotlight on this issue.

    That doesn’t mean that there are no such movements. Let me explain two secession movements in this video and how India can use them in its favor to give these countries its own medicine.

    Let’s start with America. The United States of America is the only superpower for decades. Although it is on a declining spree, the US still has strong clout over the western media. This is why the secession movement is not getting any spotlight, unlike other parts of the world.

    I know what you’re thinking! America, secession? Yes, you heard it right. There is a secession movement in America. You know which state demands this. Texas! Texas secession has support from none other than Republican lawmaker Ted Cruz. Not only this, a bill on secession was brought on to the table in 2021, but it was not heard. This didn’t dilute the matter. Republican Party affiliate, Republican Party of Texas, is planning to introduce a referendum in 2023 to secede Texas from the United States. For starters, Texas was a sovereign state before it was annexed in 1845.

    Not only Texas, but several citizens from southern America want their states to secede from the United States. Several experts predict that the secessionist moment in America may see momentum ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. A poll conducted last year in America showed over 37 per cent of respondents expressed willingness to succeed. The poll said the support for secession was highest in South America.

    Since the voice of secession is still in minority, it is not getting much spotlight. But as said earlier, if such movements spread to different states and get support from lawmakers, then it will be a problem for America to stay mum.

    Now, coming to Germany, the European powerhouse said it supports the engagement between India and Pakistan for a peaceful solution to Kashmir. It didn’t stop there. The European country went ahead and said it has a crucial role to play in the peace process. Since the matter went to the UN in 1948, India is left with no choice but to handle this issue diplomatically. In fact, it already gave a strong response to Germany regarding its statements.

    But that is not what we want to talk about. Similar to secession movements in America, Germany has its own secession problems. There is one state from southern Germany that wants to have independence after Brexit. It is Bavaria. There are so many differences between Bavarian culture and German. Let me tell you a few.

    While Bavaria has 13 public holidays per year, Germany has only 9. That’s because Germany follows Protestantism, and Bavaria recognizes Catholic tradition. Not only this, Bavaria has one of the richest economies of any region in Germany or any other European country. It comprises 20 percent of Germany’s GDP.

    Be it tradition or language, Bavaria is completely distinct from Germany. This is the reason why it demanded a breakaway in 2016, but it was rejected by the court. This didn’t end Bavarian nationalism among its people.

    Even today, many Bavarians identify themselves as Bavarian First, German second.

    Did you observe the two countries’ secessionist movements? It has no support. Because if the governments deal with this kind of issue with an iron hand. But the same governments preach to India to discuss with Pakistan, which has no locus standi in Kashmir. While India calls Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the American government calls it Azad Kashmir. This clearly shows how America is fuelling the separatist movement in India.

    This is a textbook example of the West want its countries to be united but doesn’t respect India’s sovereignty.

    If the West continues to support Pakistan in Kashmir, India should also start to fuel secession movements in America. Since the German secession movement is almost dead, it is difficult to survive, but America’s movement is gaining momentum. Hope India notices this and gives America a taste of its own medicine.

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