How Adipurush mocked epic Ramayana in the name of creativity

    When the Adipurush movie was announced, the excitement around the movie was sky high. Why? Because the movie’s director is none other than Om Raut who directed Tanhaji, and the role of Prabhu Ram is portrayed by Bahubali fame Prabhas. Though the casting of Saif Ali Khan created controversy, the excitement around the movie and the involvement of Prabhas and Om Raut downplayed it. To be precise, the movie was one of the most awaited, highly anticipated Indian movies.

    But everything changed after the teaser was released on October 2nd. Before the teaser’s release, it was just Saif Ali Khan who was receiving the flak from the audience. But now the entire crew is receiving the heat after the teaser was released.

    It is not difficult to explain why the teaser is receiving criticism. Right from the opening shot till the end…there is not even a single shot that received appreciation. On the contrary, netizens are using many shots to target the team for ruining India’s epic scripture.

    One of the biggest complaints after the trailer’s release is Saif Ali Khan. There are many aspects to point out flaws in his character. First is his hairstyle. Saif’s hairstyle is spiky. Really? How can a character like Ravan have a trendy haircut? Did the makers forget they were making an Indian epic and thought they were working on the Game of Thrones or Harry Porter kind of movie?

    Ravan was a demon. There is no denying that. But he was a Brahmin and a scholar who knew all four Vedas. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. No Hindu worship Ravan because of his deeds. But still, no one worships him, but Hindus read Shiva Tandava Stotram which was composed by Ravan. Not only that, but he was also the son of a great sage Vishrava. These are a few points about Ravan.
    Now, why am I saying all this about Ravan? Because to prove that Ravan was a Hindu. The portrayal of Ravan in Adipurush has received extreme criticism that many compared his look with Khilji and Taimur, which is the name of his son of course.

    Next…Lanka. Everyone knows Lanka was a beautiful place. Hindu scriptures say Lanka was a rich city and yajna used to happen regularly. But the teaser presented the place as if it was home to a demon in western comics. Not only that, but it also has similarities with many videogame palaces. The director should’ve researched how beautiful Lanka was before bringing it onto the screen.

    If anyone thinks Ravan’s vehicle is some demon as shown in the movie, you’re wrong. Ravan’s vehicle was a Pushpak chariot. Everyone knows how it was described in our Hindu scriptures. Looks like the director didn’t even think twice before replacing it with some dragon-like creature which can fly.

    Starting from his beard to not having a bindi, the movie failed to portray the Ravan but succeeded in incorporating barbaric Islamic invaders like Khilji, and Taimur in Hindu’s Ramayana.

    Just like how Ravan was a demon, even his army had many demons. But they all looked cruel and ghostly in human form. Not unlike the creatures, Om Raut showed in the teaser. The same can be said about Vanaras. Rather than showing how vanaras were, it felt like the director showed apes in the planet of the apes and Tarzan movies. The director showed several scenes of vanaras in the teaser and none of them has any bindi. If the director wanted to make Planet of the Apes, he should have directed it rather than incorporating them into Ramayana.

    Coming to Lord Hanuman, the mighty god has a beard but not a moustache in the movie. This is not how our god looks. This is not bringing him onto the screen…rather this is mocking our gods in the name of creativity.

    The Hindi industry has been going through its worst phase for over two years now. Several biggies tanked at the box office. Boycott Bollywood has been trending for a long time now because of the dark secrets of the industry. Even boycott Adipurush is trending on social media, but it is completely different. This is not because of the industry’s secrets. It is not because of the industry’s anti-Hindu, anti-India, pro-Pakistan stand.

    It is because the team announced they were making a move based on a Hindu epic but ended up making an 80s animated movie, that too by copying from several games and movies.
    The audience are not in a mood to accept this. We have to wait and see how the movie pans out. Finally, Adipurush is a textbook example of how the industry should not mess with Hindu scriptures.

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