Hijab: A tool for chaos

    Apart from the Russia-Ukraine war, Europe gas crisis, American recession, there is one news that has been making headlines around the world. It’s hijab. Hijab has been in the news for various reasons.

    Iran is seeing violent protests for weeks against the hijab. The Iranian government is attempting to crush the protesters with an iron hand. According to reports, the death toll in Iran is around 200. Despite the high death toll, protests against hijab are not going down.

    While women in Iran are protesting against hijab, the situation in India is completely opposite to that. Court’s split decision against the ban on hijab has brought everyone back to square one. The case is now to be place before the CJI. Meanwhile, the Karnataka minister said they would follow the state high court’s order and would not allow hijab in the classroom. Just a quick reminder, the so-called protest for hijab has been controversial and it has been proved that the banned radical Islamic organization PFI backed the students to fight for hijab.

    Now let’s come to Europe. The continent is seeing a massive spike in the Muslim population for years. While UK, Germany, France and several European countries have considerable Muslims, Switzerland is witnessing a steady growth in demographic change. As per the official reports, Switzerland has 5 per cent of Muslims. This is 2013 data. One can assume how much the number has increased by now. It is due to this reason Switzerland is trying to save itself from going into the grip of the Islamists.

    The Swiss government has sent a draft law to the parliament seeking to impose a fine of around $             1000 who violate the national ban on face coverings. This face covering even includes a burqa.

    While the law is yet to be passed in the parliament, one has to note that Switzerland is the first country to introduce a ban on the burqa. European countries like Denmark, France, Austria, Netherlands and Bulgaria have a full or partial ban on face covering in the public.

    What’s to be noted here is the same so-called pseudo-secular activists are mum on the hijab issue. Islamists are using hijab as a tool to force secular countries to allow women to wear hijab. Countries like UK, Sweden and Norway have a sizable Muslim population in their countries. If they bend to their will, these Islamists are imposing more and more in the name of sharia. This is resulting in several no-go zones where law enforcement agencies do not dare to enter. This can be changed only with a strong government. But by looking at the current dispensation in these countries, it will be a joke if we think they have the spine to take action against Islamists.

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