American Politics & What’s in it for India?

    America’s midterm elections are approaching. For starters, this is not like the Indian elections. Midterm elections are held once every two years. The elections are held for the US Congress, which comprises the Senate and House of Representatives.

    Analysts are predicting that the current ruling party, the Democrats may not fare well in the elections. If this prediction becomes true, it will be difficult for not only Joe Biden, but even for democrats to contest in the 2024 general elections.

    Considering Joe Biden’s age, he may not contest in 2024. Who takes his place is yet to be seen. As for Republicans, Donald Trump appears to be the likely candidate although it is too early to predict.

    Normally, whoever gets the majority in midterm elections are expected to win in general elections. Well, Republicans are expected to take the lead in the upcoming midterm elections. We have to see whether they will be able to repeat the same in the next two years.

    This is about American elections. Now, who is good for India? Democrats or Republicans?

    It is difficult to say. Because, whoever becomes the President, their stand depends on what kind of leadership India has. America doesn’t want a leader like Modi, who is making India a regional power and influencing global decisions.

    You may ask Why is that? Aren’t India and America allies? Aren’t these countries in Quad? Modi had good relations with Trump and is maintaining healthy relations with Biden, right? Well not exactly.

    Politics is all about theatrics. What we see is not what is exactly happening.

    Let me explain briefly. During Trump’s reign, India and America had healthy relations. Trump organized an event in the US and Modi did the same in India. We have seen how both leaders were very close whenever they appeared in front of the media.

    This happened because India was not as powerful as it is now. Second, America wanted to contain China, which, at one point was in a position to dethrone the US and become a superpower. They used India as a tool to contain China’s influence.

    Trump, who claims to be a friend of India, called Imran Khan a great leader and Pakistan a good friend to America. Now the same Trump is saying he will build a memorial for Hindus in America.

    Not only this, Trump even threatened India when the latter stopped exporting hydroxychloroquine.

    So, who is Trump? An Ally? An enemy? No one. Trump does what’s best for America. He thinks of everything as per America’s interest. He wanted to contain China. He used India. At the same time, he didn’t want India to grow, he used Pakistan.

    As for Biden, his actions towards India are not actually complicated to understand. America was not in a good position when Biden took over the reins from Trump. The position didn’t improve. Rather, it went on a declining path. Afghanistan withdrawal, the Covid outbreak, and Russia Ukraine war…….all these are affecting the US economy. This may affect Democrats in retaining power again in 2024.

    At the same time, India has started to take big decision post covid outbreak. The schemes introduced by the Modi government have been giving fruitful results. India overtook Britain and has become the fifth-largest economy in the world.

    Compare India and America’s situations. While the superpower is on the decline, the other is on the rise.

    This is the reason why India has been taking tough decisions despite pressure from the US government.

    This didn’t go well with the US. They helped Pakistan in getting out of the FATF grey list and approved giving 450 million to Pakistan to improve its existing F16 fleet for counter-terrorism. Hear the last word carefully, counter-terrorism.

    Yes. Pakistan will use America’s F16 fleet against terrorism. This is not hilarious. This is ridiculous. Pakistan is home to numerous terrorists. Despite knowing this, the US is helping Pakistan. Why? Because the superpower knows Pakistan can contain India’s growth via terrorism.

    We’ve given a few examples of the Trump and Biden administration. But don’t look at this as just these leaders’ rein. This is the stand of the two parties.

    Whether it is Biden or Trump, Democrats or Republicans, whoever it is…..they will not help in India’s growth. They don’t want strong leadership in India. Because it will challenge America’s hegemony.

    So, Indians should stop discussing which US leader is good for India, because no one is.

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