43 members of the Tiwa community revert to Sanatan Dharma in Assam

    24 families of the Tiwa community reverted to Sanatan Dharma from Christianity on Monday (February 27) in Assam.

    According to News 18, the ceremony of Ghar Wapsi was held in Assam’s Morton village.

    It also reported that in another event, 11 families, comprising 43 members of the Tiwa community reverted to Sanatana Dharma from Christianity. The event was overseen by the King of Gowa kingdom, and Morigaon’s Tiwa community, Gova Roja Deep Singh Deoroja.

    According to News 18, a Tiwa youth said, “We have now returned to our own community. Our forefathers and grandfathers were Christians. Today we have decided to return—not to Hinduism, but to our own community. We would like to mention it clearly that no one has forced us into this reconversion, we willingly have converted to the Tiwa community.”

    Assam, in the recent day witnessed foreign nationals participating in luring tribals and converting them into Christians.

    On October 28, 2022, Assam Police caught seven German nationals flouting visa norms and participating in religious activities. The foreign nationals came on tourist visas but were found giving speeches organized by the church in Assam. The group were supposed to go to other places as well but were caught in the middle by the state police. After arresting seven Germans, they were sent back to Germany.

    Just two days before, on October 26, 2022, Assam police arrested three Swedish nationals for flouting visa rules and participating in the events organized by the church in the state. The state Police arrested the three Swedish citizens for running a proselytization event.

    The common thing to be noted in these two incidents is, the foreign nationals were arrested in tea garden areas, which are dominated by tribal and indigenous people.

    It is not a secret that several missionaries are working on converting tribals to Christianity. They are luring tribals and indigenous people with good money and education. Several Hindu organizations have taken the issue seriously and are working on stopping this conversion mafia.

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